Shaping Your School’s Technology Landscape

Technology landscape is inextricably linked with your school’s mission.

Inspiroz helps shape your school’s technology landscape with the deep understanding of how IT will impact school operations and academics. Whether you are looking to improve your current setup, adding more grades, expanding facilities or locations, or starting a new school, we help create the IT plan that meets your needs.

Current/Future State Technology Assessment

While many schools understand the importance of technology, they don’t always know how their current IT setup stacks up to the best practices and how well it aligns with their goals. With our years of experience working exclusively with charter schools, we can help you identify what is working, what needs to be optimized and what is missing from your plan.

Virtual CIO & Technology Planning

Our Management Team, led by our Director of IT, will serve as your Virtual CIO. We will provide strategic advice for all things related to technology. Also, we will build, based on your vision and objectives, a Future State for what your IT and technology environment should look like. Then, we build a roadmap to get from “here to there” in a three to five-year period (quicker if needed).

Annual IT Budgeting & Planning

We help you effectively plan and build the IT portion of your budgetfor the next year based on gaps to be filled and goals to be achieved. As part of annual IT budgeting, we can point you to resources that identify grant funding opportunities available from government and private sources.

E-Rate Strategy & Implementation

E-Rate is a federal program that makes telecommunications and information services more affordable for schools and libraries in America. Through this program, eligible schools can receive reimbursement of up to 90% of dollars spent in these areas. We work with you and/or your E-Rate consultant to obtain the maximum out of funds and then plan the best use of those funds given your school’s maturity and facility stability. If needed, we can help you find an E-Rate consultant as well.

On-Boarding & Training

Inspiroz’s Embrace program helps ensure timely and effective on-boarding of teachers, staff, and students to ensure maximum adoption of the technology. With interactive and on-demand training programs, we assist in ensuring all new users coming on board throughout the year have the know-how to use your school’s technology.
Annual IT Budget


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