Let Us Fix Your Broken Chromebooks

Because you should get the most out of your investment

Let Us Fix Your Pile of Broken Chromebooks

Because you should get the most out of your investment.


The components of Chromebooks—the keyboards, touchpads, processors, batteries, and RAM—are interchangeable and reusable.

This adaptability is a boon for the Chromebook repair program, which emphasizes the importance of sustainability and waste reduction.

When one of these parts goes bad, it can be swapped out for another from a badly damaged or ‘End-of-Life Chromebook’, ensuring that functional components are recycled and put to good use rather than discarded.

This not only extends the life of many devices but also promotes a more environmentally friendly approach to technology maintenance.

Does any of this sound familiar?


Piles of Broken Chromebooks

How many Chromebooks are collecting dust in your school’s closets or classrooms?

Expensive Repairs

Some repair options cost close to as much as buying brand new devices.


Your Team Doesn’t Have Time to Fix Them

Let’s face it, fixing Chromebooks is meticulous, and takes a lot of time.

productivity loss

Loss of Student Productivity

Online learning is essential nowadays. If your students don’t have access to Chromebooks that work, they’re missing out on learning.

Benefits of using Inspiroz:

Our innovative repair model maximizes value by reusing parts from other non-repairable and “end-of-life” devices. 

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Maximize Your Chromebook Investment

We’ll bring your broken Chromebooks back to life.

Saving Time

Time and Resource Savings

Not only will we take the repairs off your team’s plate, but we’ll also pick up your Chromebooks directly from your school.

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Cost Effective

We use end of life or badly damaged parts from your fleet of Chromebooks to repair 60-80% of your devices (without having to order new parts).


Device Availability

We’ll put more of your Chromebooks in the hands of your students, ensuring they have access to learn.

let's get Your devices back to your students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • $45 for every repaired device
  • $22 for every recycled device
  • We ensure each Chromebook’s data is wiped and recycled properly.
  • We keep your school’s parts separate so we can use them to repair your future devices.
  • Right now, we service the Northeast region of the United States.
  • For schools located outside the Northeast region of the U.S. that are interested in the repair program, the process involves using a logistics company to ship the broken Chromebooks to our facility. Inspiroz will provide the necessary shipping labels (for a fee) and bins for this purpose.
  • The Chromebook Repair Program can address a wide range of damages. This includes the replacement or repair of any damaged components, covering both physical and liquid damages.
  • Once the Chromebooks are received by Inspiroz, a typical repair takes approximately 30 days. This timeline begins from the moment the devices are either picked up or delivered via our shipment partner.
  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of the break/fix program, we do not offer any warranties or guarantees on the repairs made.
  • Having a regular maintenance schedule ensures that every student has access to the necessary equipment for their academic success.

Give your students the gift of uninterrupted learning with our Chromebook Repair Program.

Stack of chromebooks

Give your students the gift of uninterrupted learning with our Chromebook Repair Program.

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