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Data-Driven Insights.

Because without accurate data, you can’t make strategic decisions.

Unify Your Data Analytics Ecosystem To Improve Performance

With Inspiroz data visualizations, gain analytical insights and actionable information to enhance school performance.

Access regular data reports and dashboards for a comprehensive view of grades, classes, and students. Stay updated on critical data, improving overall school functionality.

In addition, you will be kept up to date on key data like:





behaviour data

Behavioural Data



Does any of this sound familiar?

Inconsistent Datasets

Inconsistent Datasets

Schools often struggle with inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent datasets, which can lead to misinformed decision making.

Inefficient Data Integration

Inefficient Data Integration

Integrating multiple data sources is time consuming and complex.

Personalized Learning

Lack of Personalized Learning

Without effective data analysis, providing personalized learning is impossible.

Inconsistent Datasets

Inaccurate or Non-existent Reports and Dashboards

Without accurate data visualization it’s difficult for schools to understand what’s happening.

Get granular data at all levels in a clear and understandable way

  • Assessment performance (internal, state, and online)
  • Passing percentage
  • On-time (or late) percentage
  • Perfect attendance
  • Score Analysis
  • SAT / PSAT
  • Advance Placement Programs (AP)

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use data to solve challenges

Selecting the ideal Student Information System (SIS) can be challenging, but our services ease the process.

We aid in SIS selection, offer onboarding assistance, and provide ongoing training. We also enhance your existing system, addressing weaknesses, optimizing operations, and integrating data for better reporting.

Trust us for accurate, timely data extraction and delivery.

Data Analysis Model

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Benefits of using Inspiroz Data Services:

Data Privacy

Data Accuracy and Consistency

We’ll make sure your data is accurate and consistent so your school can make informed and confident, data-driven decisions.

Inefficient Data Integration

Data Integration

We’ll integrate your data from various sources, meaning you can spend less time managing data and more time leveraging what the data means.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning Insights

We’ll help empower you to tailor learning experiences to individual student needs based on the data we collect.


Accurate, Insightful Reports and Dashboards

We’ll provide precise, easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that help you quickly understand operational and student performance.

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Work with our team of data experts to determine and develop strategies for collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data to improve teaching and learning outcomes.


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