Technology Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Charter schools deserve better than being just another transaction and true technology partners take the time to understand your needs, identify gaps and provide solutions across your entire organization. Whether you need to expand or improve:

  • Your testing environment and scores
  • Achieving a 1:1 student to device ratio
  • Adding additional classrooms, grades or campuses
  • Monitoring & maintaining network infrastructures
  • Maximizing your facility & system security
  • Automating your attendance & card readers
  • Updating your accounting & invoicing software
  • Help Desk Support

Let's Grow Your Charter School's Technology Beyond Your Classrooms

We partner with school leaders and educators to make technology an organization-wide initiative. We believe that technology has a place in every part of the school and improves and streamlines the educational experience.

We provide:

Strategy & Planning

We conduct an in-depth current state assessment and develop a comprehensive multi-year technology plan that is designed to support your educational goals.

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Setup & Security

We implement your new technology infrastructure, systems and applications to ensure it's ready to go from day one. We also work with your existing technology assets to optimize performance while containing costs.

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Support & Maintenance

Our team provides both on-site and remote support to make sure your systems are always running smoothly and any issues are promptly identified and resolved.

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Inspiroz really helped us prepare for state tests and made sure all the applications were downloaded on each laptop. We’re very happy with Inspiroz. They’re onsite once a week to help with any issues. They also make sure to be on site during testing and we absolutely love that. If we have a big technology project and we’re not sure how to proceed, they’ll do the research for us and give us their input. We’ll do a call or sit down with them. We don’t make any big purchases without their input.

Dr. Nadira Jack, Chief School Administrator, Jersey City Global Charter School

They’re very good about working on selecting equipment and planning for our budget. They would talk through the most important things and have the knowledge and expertise to select equipment. They helped us work within our budget and find the key projects to prioritize. Working with Alejandro as account manager has been great. He does a great job of translating the more technical aspects of the projects and helping us set priorities that will be the most beneficial for the schools. We can go to him with any issue and he’ll figure it out for us. They were great partners and helped us plan how we were planning to set up the first school and how it would link up with schools two and three.

Nick Patterson, Former Executive Director of Memphis Scholars

[Inspiroz] came highly recommended from other people I knew in the charter school community. They just make IT so much less of a headache. They offer the IT services we really needed. They sat down and did a current state, future state presentation that was more detailed than we were expecting. They outlined what’s going well and where there were some issues. They gave us recommendations on how to fix it and handled all the procurement, really streamlining the whole process for us.

Mike McGregor, Former COO of Great Oaks Charter Schools

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Let Us Show You How We Make Your Outcomes Our Outcomes

We understand that a charter school is a mission, not just a job. Let us help you design & support the technology solutions your school needs to make your goals a reality.

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