IT Inventory Management Keeps Track Of All Charter School Technology

Keeping track of every laptop, Chromebook, printer, copier and Smart Board can be exhausting. With devices in the hands of every student, teacher and staff member, it’s easy to lose track of exactly what technology equipment your school owns.

In order to better manage your school’s technology equipment, Inspiroz offers inventory management services. We’ll inventory and track all equipment, ensuring that it is properly maintained and repaired. We will also work with turnaround schools that may be inheriting unknown quantities of equipment.

Keeping Costs Down

A good inventory management program helps charter schools control spending. Instead of guessing at what they have and what they’ll need for the next year, inventory management records allow schools to see what devices and equipment need to be replaced and what will last for another year.

This process also helps when planning for a new school or working with a turnaround school. By evaluating these devices, school leaders have a better sense of the quality of equipment and when it will need to be replaced. This empowers leaders to do more long-term IT budgeting.

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