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Drive User Adoption With Our Embrace Training Program

Having the best new technology is great but it won’t help you achieve your goals if your staff can’t or won’t use it. Often, a lack of training is holding your staff back from using the new devices and applications you’re adding.

Remove this roadblock and improve your user adoption with our Embrace training program. In it, one of our team of IT professionals – our Chief Operating Officer, Director of IT, Account Director or Client Account Manager – will work with your staff to ensure they understand all of the new technology and are comfortable using it in the classroom and the administrative offices.

Technology Training For Students

Just like your staff, your students can also benefit from technology training and onboarding. Our team of IT experts works with your students to ensure they understand all the tools they have available.

With interactive and on-demand training programs, we assist in ensuring all new users coming on board throughout the year have the know-how to use your school’s technology.

By providing comprehensive onboarding and training, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the most from all your technology investments. Don’t let a lack of knowledge hold your staff and students back!

Ensure Your Staff, Students Have The Training They Need
Work with our team of IT experts to make sure every staff member and student understands the technology and tools you’re providing them.

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See How Inspiroz Helps Charter Schools

Inspiroz’s Onsite Tech Consultant works with Forte Prep weekly to help their staff, teachers and students with any technology issues and ensure they’re getting the most from their technology.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re very happy with Inspiroz. They’re onsite once a week to help with any issues. They also make sure to be on site during testing and we absolutely love that.

Dr. Nadira Jack, Chief School Administrator
Jersey City Global Charter School