AlwaysReady Devices

AlwaysReady Program Ensures You’re Prepared For Device Failures

It’s inevitable that a device will fail at the most inconvenient time. But you can avoid downtime and disruption by planning ahead for these failures. Inspiroz’s AlwaysReady program stocks backup devices and equipment at each school so that when a breakdown occurs, you can simply grab a replacement device and plug it in.

The AlwaysReady program covers everything from laptops and projectors to mice, dongles and other cables. These AlwaysReady devices can be swapped in a matter of minutes by an Inspiroz on-site team member or a school operations leader to get your student, teacher or staff member up and running quickly.

By simply stocking a few of your most commonly-used items, you can help prevent downtime and disruption caused by device failure.

Don’t Let Device Failures Disrupt Your Charter School
Work with our team of IT experts to implement our AlwaysReady program, which stocks back-up devices onsite so they can be easily replaced when they fail.

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Inspiroz worked with Believe Memphis Academy to create a comprehensive technology plan for their new school, meeting both their budget and their timeline.

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They’re very good about working with on selecting equipment and planning for our budget. They would talk through the most important things and have the knowledge and expertise to select equipment. They helped us work within our budget and find the key projects to prioritize.

Nick Patterson, Former Executive Director
Memphis Scholars