Virtual CIO & Technology Planning

Virtual CIO Service Gives Your Charter School Strategic Support

A charter school’s infrastructure and technology should work hand-in-hand with its educational goals. But to do this, charter schools need help creating a dynamic technology plan that optimizes their current technology while planning strategically for the future.

Bringing on a full-time CIO isn’t realistic for many schools, so Inspiroz created a Virtual CIO service. Our Management Team, led by our Director of Infrastructure & Projects, will serve as your Virtual CIO.

We provide strategic advice for all things related to your school’s technology. We start by building, based on your vision and objectives, a future state for what your IT and technology environment should look like. We optimize what you have now and then lay out what you’ll need to add to reach your goals.

We use our Current/Future State Infrastructure and Technology Assessment to see what’s working and the areas that could be improved. Then, using this information, we build a roadmap to get from “here to there” in a three- to five-year period.

Budget Support And Planning

Another key function of our Virtual CIO service is budget support. We will help you plan and budget for each year based on the level of investment you want or need to make related to technology.

We also help plan for costs associated with hardware unit lifecycles, as determined by your policies. This helps you take control of your technology spending and avoid any unwanted surprises when putting together your annual budget.

Educational Technology Guidance

When making decisions about how to use technology in your classrooms, it’s helpful to have a technology expert weigh in. As your Virtual CIO, we help you find ways to use technology to drive academic and operations excellence.

We can advise and support you and your staff on the use of data, decisions around 1:1 student to device implementation or the use of adaptive software for purposes of intervention or blended learning.

Our IT consultants can also help you implement a wide range of educational software – including student information systems, learning management systems and/or behavior management systems. We can also work with vendors as needed to address issues and ensure that all your systems are integrated for ease of use for all staff and teachers.

Elevate your charter school’s technology planning by using our Virtual CIO service. Our expert guidance helps you get more from your technology investment while improving the educational experience of your students.

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If we have a big technology project and we’re not sure how to proceed, they’ll do the research for us and give us their input. We’ll do a call or sit down with them. We don’t make any big purchases without their input.

Dr. Nadira Jack, Chief School Administrator
Jersey City Global Charter School