Current/Future State Technology Assessment

Leverage Your School’s Existing Technology With Our Current/Future State Assessment

No charter school can be successful without a strong technology foundation. With the right technology, devices, and applications, it can be used to drive transformational outcomes in schools today.

While many schools understand the importance of technology, they don’t always know how their current IT setup stacks up to the best practices and how well it aligns with their goals.

With our years of experience working exclusively with charter schools, we can help you identify what is working, what needs to be optimized and what is missing from your plan.

To do this, we conduct a thorough Current/Future State Infrastructure and Technology Assessment. We also have the option to do this before the engagement starts, depending on the project and timeline.

As part of your assessment, we will evaluate your current IT setup for:

  • IT Infrastructure and network effectiveness
  • Ability to scale and handle growth-focused needs
  • Usage effectiveness
  • Teacher-student collaboration
  • Areas of cost savings

What Your Assessment Covers

Once we’ve completed the comprehensive assessment of your charter school’s infrastructure and technology, we use that information to create a roadmap.

In it, we outline the current state of your school’s technology, identifying any areas where your existing infrastructure could be optimized to provide better results and help you get more from your investment.

We then create a suggested infrastructure and technology blueprint for the future based on your current state and objectives for the future. In it, we lay out our recommendations to improve your infrastructure, hardware, devices and education technology, all to be aligned with your school’s educational goals.

The last part of the assessment is the roadmap that outlines how we propose to get your school from “here to there” in a three to five-year period.

Optimization First

When doing our technology planning, one of our key philosophies is “Optimize First.” We understand the growing financial pressures that charter schools are facing, so we know that every dollar you spend has to deliver results.

Our goal is to free you from an endless cycle of purchasing and implementing. We see so many schools fall into this trap and fail to get value from their technology budget.

From network and systems to devices and telecommunications, we find the most efficient and effective way to optimize them, avoiding the “rip and replace” approach in favor of tactics that maximize your dollar wherever possible.

Conducting an infrastructure and technology assessment is the first step toward making your technology do more for your school. Learn more about how you can optimize and improve your school’s technology with our Current/Future State Infrastructure and Technology Assessment.

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They’re very good about working with us to select equipment and plan for our budget. They would talk through the most important things and have the knowledge and expertise to select equipment. They helped us work within our budget and find the key projects to prioritize.

Nick Patterson, Former Executive Director
Memphis Scholars