Annual IT Budgeting And Planning

Take The Mystery Out Of IT Budgeting And Planning

It can be frustrating to invest in technology for your charter school, only to feel like it’s not working. To really get the most from your IT budget, you need to create a strategic vision for your school’s overall infrastructure and technology.

Only then can you really know what to invest in and when. With Inspiroz, we can help you plan and budget for each year based on the level of investment you want or need to make related to technology. Once you know what you can spend on technology each year, we help you select the projects that will deliver the most value for your school.

Identifying New Grant Opportunities

In addition to helping you prioritize your IT projects for the most impact, we also work with you to find new ways to fund your charter school’s technology. As part of the annual IT budgeting process, we can point you to resources that identify grant funding opportunities available from government and private sources.

Educational Technology Guidance

We also work with your staff to identify your school’s existing policies and determine what devices and applications you’ll need to support them. We then plan for the costs associated with hardware unit lifecycles, as determined by your policies.

We can work with your staff on larger decisions, such as going to a 1:1 student to device implementation or the use of adaptive software for purposes of intervention or blended learning.

Take control of your school’s technology budget with strategic planning. Ensure you’re investing in the right projects that will deliver the best outcomes for your students.

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Inspiroz worked with Capital Prep in Connecticut and New York to address all their technology needs - from what type of computer to get for the students to ensuring they had all the equipment and infrastructure for their required assessments - as they opened a new school.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Milan Patel was great and walked the buildings with us, asking us if we planned to do blended learning and what we were thinking about doing in years 1, 2 and 3. They were great partners and helped us plan how we were planning to set up the first school and how it would link up with schools two and three.

Nick Patterson, Former Executive Director
Memphis Scholars