Get The Best Device Procurement, Setup For Your Charter School

It takes more than computers to run a successful charter school. You need cameras, phones, copiers and more to keep your school operating.

But in order to get the most from your charter school’s IT budget, you need to identify the best devices and the best prices before buying.

Inspiroz has developed strong supplier partnerships so we receive bulk pricing on all our orders. We work with charter schools to help them find the best devices for their needs and then order those devices. This helps save schools money and ensures they get the best devices for their needs.

And, as an added benefit, Inspiroz has a “Pass the Margins” procurement program. This plan includes a 5-10% margin instead of the standard 30-45% margin most resellers use. This allows us to procure hardware at a cost that is usually unmatched.

Get more from your IT budget by taking advantage of our device procurement and setup program. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the right devices for the best price.

Need Help Procuring The Right Devices?
Work with our team of IT experts to ensure you’re getting the right devices at the best price for your charter school.

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