Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t Lose Your School’s Data – Create A Data Backup Plan

There is nothing more important than your staff, student and school admin data. As much as your charter school relies on technology, you do not want to risk losing data.

In order to protect your school’s data, we regularly manage and perform the backups for all devices and locations containing data. If a disaster occurs and your data is lost or corrupted, we will restore from the backups to ensure minimal impact on your school’s operations and full data recovery.

Device Protection

Your charter school relies on a wide variety of devices every day. As part of our data backup plan, we make sure all devices have a data backup, so no data will be lost in the event of device failure.

These include:

  • Desktops – user data shares
  • Laptops – user data shares
  • Server – VMDKS (if virtual)
  • File servers
  • Databases
  • Configurations of network devices
  • Exchange databases

Methods Of Data Backup

Every charter school’s technology is different, so we work with a variety of data backup options to find the most cost-effective option.

We work with the following data backup providers:

  • Symantec
  • Backup Exec
  • Axcient
  • StorageCraft
  • Intronis
  • Datto
  • CommVault

When designing your data backup plan, we’ll choose the best option from the following types of data backup:

  • Server-based: – On-site only. This is the quickest recovery of data as long as the server is still intact.
  • Tape-based: Tapes are rotated to an offsite location. This is the most cost-effective, but the slowest method of recovery of data as volumes increase.
  • Hard drive-based: Hot-swap drives are taken off-site while one set stays on site, allowing for quicker recovery.
  • Cloud-based: Off-site only. This is a very quick recovery for limited files or in case of remote spin-off. If data needs to be transferred back onsite, bandwidth could be a constraint.

Frequency Of Data Backups

The key to a strong data backup program is consistency. You must make sure that your data backups are running as scheduled, so there are no gaps in your backup data.

We recommend the following backup frequencies and archiving:

  • Daily: Full or incremental backup, depending on the size of data
  • Weekly: Full backup with a minimum of 4 weeks archived
  • Monthly: Full backup with a minimum of 3 months archived

The key to a strong backup program is a disciplined routine. The Inspiroz team works with your school to ensure that the following occurs:

  • Daily monitoring of backup progress and success (in case of failure, the job must be re-run)
  • Regular random “restores” from backup media
  • Recover servers from media

By creating a data backup and disaster recovery plan, you’ll know that all your student, staff and school admin data is protected and can be recovered in case of data corruption or loss. Your school operations won’t be seriously impacted by the loss of this critical data.

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