Proactive Networking Monitoring And Support
To Keep Issues From Disrupting Your School.


Your charter school can’t afford downtime. That’s why we use proactive network monitoring to identify and resolve issues before they can cause downtime.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) actively monitors the entire network and server infrastructure to proactively identify and manage alerts and failures before downtime occurs. We provide around-the-clock network monitoring, maintenance and support, including necessary patches and updates.

The Inspiroz team will provide analysis, routine configuration changes, weekly backup configuration, installation of patches and upgrades, minor cabling, if needed, and alert notifications in cases of equipment failure.

As part of our RMM offering, we perform proactive monitoring of network equipment (including performance, threshold limitations, and capacity issues) and automatically generate alerts to facilitate troubleshooting of any issues.

Our RMM tool automatically creates a ticket in our Autotask ticketing management system for all alerts and then subsequent alerts based on the assigned escalation.

The Inspiroz RMM tool sends alerts to ensure that specific functions, such as network devices and internet performance, remain optimal.

If issues are detected, our 24/7/365 team notifies the internet provider immediately and registers a case with them.

Additionally, other tasks included in our NOC work include:

  • Maintaining an accurate inventory of devices
  • Identifying and maintaining warranties on core network devices including routers, firewalls, level 2 and 3 switches, UPS, servers, and storage usually in the MDF or IDF, as needed
  • Maintaining current backups of all device configurations
  • Performing routine firmware and software updates
  • Ensuring security settings are correct
  • Creating LANs
  • Maintaining a group policy
  • Monitoring network and bandwidth
  • Overseeing administrative access and password management
  • Performing daily checklists manually to spot check uptime on certain items

Proactive monitoring to ensure consistent reliable performance.

Our expert team and tools ensure maximum efficiency and zero interruptions for your school’s network. We detect and resolve issues before they can impact students, staff, and teachers.

Voices of Satisfaction

We started working with Inspiroz early and it was a great thing. They were able to get in there beforehand and help bring our vision to life. It’s crucial to have all your technology figured out and aligned when starting a new school. It will save you a lot of time in the long run. It’s been awesome to have so much support so early on in the process.
Believe Memphis Academy
Jeff Warren
Director of Operations, Believe Memphis Academy

Tired Of Downtime Interrupting Your Charter School?

Work with our team of IT experts to see how proactive networking monitoring and support can help identify and resolve small issues before they become major problems.


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