Inspiroz Joins With Jersey City Charter School

As They Grow From K-2 To Seventh Grade

Starting out as a charter school with grades K-2, Dr. Nadira Jack, chief school administrator of Jersey City Global Charter School, knew she needed a strong IT partner in order to meet their ambitious goal of adding a grade a year until they reached eighth grade.

“We needed to plan ahead of time and make sure we had enough ChromeBooks, student logins and Smart Boards for each classroom. We start planning a year prior to make sure and see where our numbers are and that we have a 1-to-1 student to ChromeBook ratio.” she said.

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check out our 30-Second Summary

Knowing that she needs approval from the state to add a new grade every year, it was imperative that Dr. Jack had an IT partner that could not only keep the school’s IT functioning, but also create a scalable infrastructure and work with other vendors as the school grew.

Here’s how Inspiroz partnered with Jersey City Global Charter School to help meet their expansion and educational goals:

Delivering Strategic Planning

In order to smoothly grow the school, Dr. Jack needed an IT partner that is always thinking ahead, from the key foundational issues like ensuring they had enough ChromeBooks for the students in the new grade and making sure all technology and devices were in good working order to bigger projects like preparing for yearly assessments.

“They really helped prepare us for state tests, ensuring that the apps were downloaded on each laptop on the new laptops,” Dr. Jack said. “During testing, we ask them to be on site and we absolutely love having that hands-on support.”

Coordinating With Other Vendors

With Jersey City scoped out to add a new grade every year, their plans require them to submit a request to the state in advance. And with that request comes supporting reports. Inspiroz has been instrumental in that process, providing additional data for those state reports, Dr. Jack said.

“Knowing what we can grow to is key,” she said. “You don’t want to grow too big, too fast. We need the enrollment because it drives our budget. So we need to grow in a smart way, adding one to two classes, one grade at a time.”

The Inspiroz team also worked closely with them on their E-Rate program, offering advice and information on their planned purchases. They also helped provide a second opinion and worked with the Jersey City staff to help when another vendor’s project ran into some issues.

Providing Future State Assessments And Planning

Another key area where Inspiroz helped support Jersey City’s goals involved their long-term planning. With their growth goals, the school is always looking to add new technology as support.

“If we have a big technology project and we’re not sure how to proceed, they’ll do the research for us and give us their input. We’ll do a call or sit down with them. We don’t make any big purchases without their input,” Dr. Jack said.

Adding The Personal Touch

Each member of the Inspiroz team has helped Jersey City Global Charter School grow. One person is onsite one day a week, and that may increase as the school continues to grow, Dr. Jack said.

From that weekly support handling everyday issues to supporting the school’s growth with comprehensive technology plans, Inspiroz has been a key partner in their success.

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Is your school in a growth phase? How are you handling your technology needs as you grow? Are you worried about creating a scalable technology architecture that will grow with your school?


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30-Second Summary:

  • Inspiroz partnered with Jersey City Global Charter School as they added a new grade each year.
  • They were able to ensure the school had a scalable technology plan that grew with them.
  • They partnered with the school administration to ensure they had all the technology and support they needed for their annual assessments.
  • Inspiroz provided key support on all their technology purchases, researching the best devices and strategy for the school’s needs.